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Website, Facebook business page, and business email included.

Dedicated Training And Support For Resellers

The best IPTV Service on the market.

Manage your own IPTV Business, Grow your client base by offering another service!

Choose A Reseller Package

Get a website exactly like this with the basic package or go premium and get a customized reseller site with your own panel. 

Device Training

Training on how to setup and install our service on multiple devices.

Sales Training

Training on how best to sell our service and gain recurring clients.

Ads Training

How best to market your new business on social media and locally.

Everything You Need


we provide everything you need to build a successful IPTV reseller business. 


Your new IPTV reseller website conveys trust and authority. Choose your own domain name, prices, and fees.

Business Email

Get a free business email with your new business. support@yourbusiness name. Your a real business you email as such.

Marketing ads

3 free graphic video marketing ads and sales and marketing training for your new business.

Earn Amazon affiliate commissions with Nvidia Shield TV

Earn Amazon affiliate commission by upselling the best tv box on earth. while getting recurring income from your clients. 

4K Video

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies in high definition 4k video. 

Android 9.0

This version of Andriod is jammed packed with all sorts of new features. Andriod 9  software allows your box to run smoothly on a great interface. 


Connect your box wirelessly with 5.8ghz wifi. A wider connection range than most boxes allows you to connect this box to wifi within any room in the home. 


Our smart TV box is modern with a great design and will fit any rooms decoure.

Money savings

Cut the cord with this amazing tv box and save money monthly. No more overpriced cable bills.

Lighting fast

No buffering or stuck navigation menus. This box is jammed packed with enough memory and speed to allow you to have a seamless viewing experience. 

Nvidia Shield TV

With the Google play store, you will have access to some of the best gaming titles available for Android. Geforce now also gives you access to all the latest games on PC. This system is super powerful which allows for amazing gameplay and Tv entertainment experience.


Just don’t take our word for it read what our satisfied customers say about the best smart tv box on the market today.

Thad Ryans


I travel for work all the time and I never leave home without my smart tv box. Rather im at the office or in the hotel I have one of the boxes with me. I actually purchased two. I never miss any of my sporting events or tv shows. Or when I’m in the mood for some gaming I can do that too. I love my box and you will too. 

Beth Anderson


I got this box 100% to cut the cord with my cable company. My cable bill was upwards of $120 a month. Now I have everything I need for a super low price. And I game on the damn thing. This is by far best investment I  made all year.  

Choose Your Box

Our shop selection is small. Simply because when you have the best, there’s no need for the rest. The selection below our just the best you can get with the provided services period. Choose your IPTV monthly service. 


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